The DX2-EDM Hand-Held Mechanical Tension Meters are designed to measure the tension on all current wire EDM machines with using a wire diameter of approx. 0.25 mm. These models are used throughout the world and considered the standard tension meter for the industry. 

The correct erosion wire tension reduces wire oscillation and guarantees a pinpoint accuracy of your machines. Always check the tension in calibration mode on the moving wire. Make sure the generator is switched off for the tension check.


  • Easy-to-read analog scale
  • Simple handling
  • Special versions for specific EDM machines are available
  • Measuring range 2000 g, 3000 g or 4000 g
  • Calibration in cN is available

Tension Ranges

Model Range Roller distance
c:c mm
Calibration Material
DX2-2000-EDM 50 - 2000 cN 75 No PA: 0.30 mm Ø
DX2-2000-EDM-G 50 - 2000 g 75 No PA: 0.30 mm Ø
DX2-3000-EDM 100 - 3000 cN 75 No PA: 0.30 mm Ø
DX2-3000-EDM-G 100 - 3000 g 75 No PA: 0.30 mm Ø
DX2-4000-EDM 200 - 4000 cN 100 Yes PA: 0.40 mm Ø
DX2-4000-EDM-G 200 - 4000 g 100 Yes PA: 0.40 mm Ø
For meter calibrated in Grams add "-G" to part number, ie: DX2-2000-EDM-G

Material thickness compensator: For better accuracy the material to be measured or a similar material with the same diameter should be inserted (only model DX2-4000-EDM).


Dial Faces

DX2-EDM Sample Dial Faces 
DX2-EDM Sample Dial Faces


Accuracy ± 1% Full scale or ± 1 scale graduation mark
Rollers Material : Hardcoated aluminum Diameter: 12 mm
Scale Diameter 41 mm
Temperature Range 8 - 45 °C
Humidity Maximum 85% RH
Housing Material Aluminum die casting
Dimensions 215 mm x 90 mm x 44 mm (L x W x H)
Weight (net/gross) approx. 500 g / 1000 g